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Biemme SpecialCars – Our mission

The brand Biemme Special Cars is pursuing its strategy based on a novel model business ; all the choices in terms of design, production and marketing are determined by the search of added value for the customer : customers must find whatever they are looking for.
Planning: the vehicle must meet the expectations of the customer constructive essence of studying and production speeds without sacrificing the highest quality of the product finished.
Production: to every single component of the production is required the maximum, starting from the quality of establishments, professionalism of handicraft and of its art so every car will have the same level of quality.
Marketing: the quality of the contact Biemme Special Cars and of its eventual intermediaries is priority ; for us nothing is important as the customer.
The attestation of the quality system of Biemme Special Cars complies to the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 obtained from the distant 2008 and it’s just one of the first successful achievements. Others have followed and many others will follow.