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Biemme Special Cars – The History

Biemmespecialcars funeral cars trasformations

Paduan Company, born in 1991, focused on the design and development of new ideas in the field of funeral car transformations , thanks to the collaboration for the first time in this sector of automotive industry designers .

Biemme Special Cars is designed, developed and manufactured by a businessman grew up in the funeral industry, who realizing the absolute stillness of the hearse sector in Italy, long stagnant and devoid of innovations, from the beginning wanted to offer a new line of car transformations, in which dynamism and innovation merge.

From the union of the experience in funeral industry with the research in automotive industry, the application of the fundamental and at that time still unknown rules of “Automotive Engineering”, in 1994 was founded the first line of hearse with a soft and sinuous profile , not more angular and typically of “hearse”. This line of advanced car transformations is called Eclysse.

A few years later, with the birth of the new Mercedes Benz W 211 series, the line Eclysse evolves and after a careful and rigorous study of design and engineering, comes the exclusive line Solaris: a new wave of modernity in the automotive Italian funeral scenery.

In addition to car lines transformations of Mercedes Benz, BMW and CHRYSLER / LANCIA Biemme Special Cars also performs accurate fitting of prestigious brands such as Rolls Royce, Cadillac, Bentley, etc., as well as vans for special use in general

The history of our hearses

The undertakers Battistella family continued to expand and was thus that there was an increasing need for hearses to please their customers and those nearby businesses who have not yet the hearse. Combining passion for his work and passion for cars transformations Massimo Battistella, turning the whole of Italy, bought used vehicles to redirect to his company, obviously after a “refit” complete car purchased. The result was satisfactory so much that other undertakers asked to Massimo himself the same solution and that was how he began the marketing of products. The demand was so plentiful that were established excellent relationships with Italian manufacturers; All, without exception.



The idea to innovate is in blood of Massimo and just to break the mold in this year he decides to create something that was really different: Curved glass tempered, soft design with curved glass which at that time no one proposed in this way. Another important innovation was to call hearses wit a name.  That was ECLYSSE.



5-The natural development of the previous year is of course the long-wheelbase variant, which given the success of the short seeks with the same qualities of construction and design, here an important novelty is introduced : the setting up of the coffin compartment is not more than just steel, but it is enriched with modern finishes and sky briar. It was the ECLYSSE LONG WHEELBASE



9- The lines begin to be plagiarized and there was therefore need to further innovation. Was thus that for the highest exaltation of the ceremony it was thought the roof consists of a single large glass tempered crystal. It was the ECLYSSE LONG WHEELBASE VISION.


10-In those years the businesses start to take shape, begin to use their porters and no more friends recovered at the bar and that’s how was born the need for a 4 doors. Not only short, not only long, not only Vision  but since then also ECLYSSE 4 Doors Limousine.

11-12-Detail of trigger for the hooks crowns, maximum functionality and practicality without compromising design and good taste

13-Detail of interior coffin compartment of ECLYSSE 4 Porte Limousine


14-If it is true that the appetite comes with eating, at Biemme Special Cars also the inspiration comes by creating … The industry needed a change, of something that would break the traditional mold. If before the news were all concentrated in the rear windows now the novelty is the porthole ; no longer identified by a glass but now from a design element specially created. These lines even today are still appreciated and exploited. It was the AVANTIME.



15- Detail of interior of AVANTIME with fine leather trims and elegant steels with laser decorations embellished with briar-root inserts ; in these years it starts to become important the concept of compartment lighting coffin.



17-The machining of composite materials acted as master in the field of car transformations and often it was possible to meet nostalgic customers of the processing sheet metal . Only in a structure like Biemme Special Cars could be found soft lines and modern design manufactured in composite materials and at the same time straight lines from the most classical design worked in galvanized steel. Perfect synchronicity and harmony with maximum respect of craftsmanship for this long wheelbase version called CLASSIC long wheelbase.18-

Detail of the roof covered with vinyl that allowed the CLASSIC long wheelbase to occur both in American-style fully closed, both in European style with the glass open and the coffin in view.19- Detail of the brushed steel plate which was applied to the glass of the long-wheelbase version CLASSIC, as with the steel works was impossible to create smooth lines ; at that time they tried to embellish and soften the lines with stylish inserts applied at the end of work.


20- In the same year, to satisfy the appetite for innovation, comes a new design, all-round, for a 4-door limousine that will anticipate the trends of the next generation of hearses, the glass side is connected with the tailgate advantage of a new design concept with lines tending downwards. This is the DIAMOND LIMOUSINE 4 Doors



22-Detail of the DIAMOND 4 Doors LIMOUSINE with large space for objects under the rear seats.







23-Detail of the interior compartment coffin with elegant decorated steels laser and precious inserts in fake briar-root always rounded design for maximum enhancement of the funeral service.


24- With the release from Mercedes-Benz of W211 series obviously style changes . The choice for this new self-transformation is to stay on soft lines, rounded edges, lines of belt aligned with the original car, tempered glass and curved to match the original and new production Biemme Special Cars glass framed in a single frame of polished stainless steel hand with a single point of welding. The exasperation of the curvature of the glass and the design of the glass itself with lines pointing downwards anticipate new trends still like. Here art and creativity go hand in hand with talent and experience. Born SOLARIS Long Wheelbase.




The line of SOLARIS is enriched by the short wheelbase version of the following year and intends immediately with the spirit of failure for which it was created. “There is nothing more enjoyable to create what others deem impossible to do” becomes the slogan of Biemme Special Cars. The SOLARIS SWB was born.




The demand for large cars, big but manageable at the same time, carried the 4-port version with its clear design and its rounded corners will soon become the object of desire for funeral companies. The SOLARIS FourDoors Limousine is born.




Since 2006 the SOLARIS FourDoors Limousine R is a proposed variant which with the perfect integration of the new optical group obtains a young and jaunty air.



38-.ongOnce again, the other manufacturing companies imitated our lines with so much pleasure conquered graces the funeral of Italy. It was time to change, if the first word was “all round” is now “all round corner”. In full respect of established exclusive features of building Biemme Special Cars, we propose a design where once again distorts the shape, where no line is a consequence of the other. Available in both short and long wheelbase : comes the WEGA.




Was a long time they were thinking of something alternative that could break the mold again and distort the concept of the hearse. At the same time, however, to have a product reliable, long-lasting and perfectly able to capture attention. Technologically advanced but in full compliance with the manual skills of those who are able to offer this by working the galvanized steel. We have the birth of the first alternative hearse built on the basis of BMW serie 5 chassis , the nostalgic BIEMME MONACO.



45- We could not miss the opportunity of the availability of the frame step 390, the so-called EXTRA LONG , to introduce our new concept of wedding car. The futuristic design was so much that once you make the comparisons everything else smelled of old. The rich inserts in polished stainless steel, the large tempered glass curved shape is the reverse of what is usually offered on the market and, for the first time on the market, a hint of bulge on both front fenders on both rear fenders. It was the era of OCEAN LIMOUSINE



48-With the release of the variant CLS they contented those customers who wanted to linger more, but at the same time stay on traditional patterns ; there is the birth of SOLARIS CLS, WEGA CLS, SOLARIS FourDoors Limousine and CLS and OCEAN CLS.






The demand for alternative products increases, customers friends, new and old customers increasingly ask us something different. The services are now more and more a “ciack turns”, the funeral business plays as protagonist the reputation acquired until then. The Chrysler 300c if made as a real alternative, the idea of the frame there’s the birth of the MADISON LIMOUSINE, available short and extra-long.



And the story continues in the pages of this site dedicated to the old customers, new and future clients, friends, enemies, who speaks well of us and also to those who talk of us without knowing …. thank you